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Transmission Repair

Our affordable transmission services comprise of:

Automatic Transmission Check
A vehicle with typical automatic trans have 4 and up to 5 forward gear ratios, a Neutral, a Reverse and Park gear. With automatic trans, the shifting of gears happens automatically after the vehicle is in Drive and unlike a “stick shift” or Manual Trans and there’s no demand for a clutch or shift. Automatic transmission repair is advanced and complex work based on all the parts that it’s comprised of. Be sure to have any auto transmission problems correctly evaluated by a professional auto mechanic.

Check the Clutch
There are various kinds of clutches, in both manual & automatic trans cars. A clutch helps your vehicle start & shift gears smoothly. The clutch in your car can sometimes wear out. If you find your clutch begins to slip unevenly or is making strange noises that raise suspicion, contact Young’s Garage to see if clutch replacement is necessary.

“4” Wheel Drive Transmission
A 4-wheel (4×4) driving vehicle does have specific gears, with both back & front axles, including an entire transfer case. Vehicles with 4 wheel drive require maintenance services on the front differentials, rear differentials, transfer case, and trans fluids.

Front-wheel drive Transmission
In front-wheel drive cars, the engine drives with only the front wheel. The power is directed through the transmission to the final drive where it is divided and sent to the two front wheels through the drive axles. Located in the front of the car is the transmission, engine, and additional hardware.

Manual Transmission Check Up
Driving vehicles with a Manual Trans necessitate using the clutch & gear shift to manually move between gears based on car speed. Manual transmissions have been made with 2 to 8 gears. Front wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the 2 primary layouts for manual transmissions. Usually, manual transmissions require less maintenance than automatic transmissions.

Our certified mechanics can diagnose your vehicle then advise transmission service to ensure security and enhance the life of your vehicle.

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