Lyse L Avatar
Lyse L

Excellent service and great price! Very satisfied! Highly recommend! 3/12/2019

Brittany Miskell Avatar
Brittany Miskell

Just went for the first time to get my '95 Honda fixed. Really honest and good work. Paul made me... read more 7/12/2018

Paul Matthews Avatar
Paul Matthews

Paul is phenomenally attentive to each and every customer and their needs. He's honest and objective about how to best... read more 8/29/2018

dawn dzyns Avatar
dawn dzyns

young's has serviced all our cars, our kids cars and many of my friends cars for years (i recommend young's... read more 7/12/2018

Katie Rigiero Avatar
Katie Rigiero

I have been going to Young's Garage for years, and I love them! They are honest and fair. I won't... read more 9/21/2017

dzyns . Avatar
dzyns .

been our garage for 16 yrs. trust them. 7/12/2014

Dawn N. Avatar
Dawn N.

5 star rating love this garage. trust their wisdom to help keep my family safe. 9/03/2016

Ashley Gauthier Avatar
Ashley Gauthier

The mechanic is VERY knowledgeable and treats you like you're his #1 customer. Price's are reasonable! 6/12/2019

Miriam Phillips Avatar
Miriam Phillips

Top notch 4/12/2019

kegger2019 . Avatar
kegger2019 .

Honesty, availability, fair pricing, great work. Paul’s my guy. Everytime. 6/12/2019

Robert Peris Jr Avatar
Robert Peris Jr

I can’t say enough good things about Young’s garage and Paul the owner . For years I’ve been going to... read more 7/12/2018

Christopher Lyons Avatar
Christopher Lyons

Great service and great prices. Paul took the time to explain everything they did and let me know I... read more 6/15/2017

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