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Exhaust Repair

When was the last time your vehicle had an overall check-up? Did you remember to also check you exhaust emissions? For a complete system checkup – bring in your vehicle to Young’s Garage– we’ll check the tip of your exhaust pipe all the way to your engine.  After all, a vehicle’s exhaust system was not produced only to reduce noise while driving, but it also to reduce the toxic emissions that are released into the atmosphere. When exhaust systems function correctly, they not only produce a quieter ride, they also help regulate those harmful exhaust fumes, which is better for you, your family and the environment as a whole.

A vehicles’ exhaust emission system begins at the front of the vehicle, directly in back of the engine. Exhaust manifolds link to the cylinder heads, where the exhaust gases are collected. When the gases flow through the vehicle’s exhaust system, oxygen sensors first assess it, where it is then processed through the catalytic converter and, eventually, muffled by the vehicle’s muffler. So by the gases exit the vehicle, the emission system has helped your vehicle run cleaner, quieter and smoother to give you a more pleasant riding experience.

Neglecting to check any of these parts could mean significant trouble for you later down the road. Since the exhaust system contains crucial elements that affect things like your gas mileage all the way to the air you breathe in while driving. It is a fairly complex system, but we’re muffler repair pros so we can diagnose the issue and get you back on your way very quickly. Rest assured we will do an excellent job at an affordable price. We’ll give recommendations for replacements only for what’s necessary.


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